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CVoice_E14_Transformative Communication with Alison Freeman

March 18, 2017

We are continuing with the theme of communication in Episode 14 of the Collective Voice with guest, Alison Freeman. Alison is a highly experienced global, communications strategist, coach, and keynote presenter.  She is the president of AlliComm, a global communications consultancy and coaching firm, where she helps successful business leaders become more powerful communicators by being strategic, succinct, engaged, empathetic and business driven. She states that “Good leaders MUST BE great communicators because it is part of the job.”

Following are some highlights of Joy’s engaging and entertaining interview with Alison:

  • The importance of being the recipient of what Alison refers to as “fearless feedback” and the power in the self-awareness that arises out of observing yourself communicate, on video
  • That we communicate visually, vocally, and verbally - According to communication researcher, Albert Mehrabian, 55% of how we perceive someone is based on what we see. 38% comes from how they use their voice. Only 7% of what people remember are the actual words they say! AND, they only remember what matters to them.  Make the 7% matter, or the words you deliver as part of your messaging count!
  • Being resilient in the face of life’s challenges and then letting go of the “not knowing”

Learn more about Alison Freeman and her work, visit, her YouTube Channel and 5 minute videos, Access Alison, or follow her on Twitter at the handle AccessAli, or via LinkedIn.

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