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CVoice_E15_Finding Clarity with Jasmin Brand and Bonus Guest Jenny Bair

April 11, 2017

Episode Overview

In episode 15 of The Collective Voice Podcast Joy interviews Jasmin Brand, a marketing and branding expert, with Darby James AND Jenny Bair, co-founder of Living Well Dallas, an integrative and functional wellness practice in Dallas.  Jenny also wears MANY hats, life and marriage coach, health educator, functional wellness consultant and certified Aromatherapist, integrating essential oils into her coaching practice.

We asked Jasmin and Jenny to be part of today’s show to discuss their roles in and promote My Forward Life’s Clarity event, a movement and an innovative networking event to connect “fun and fearless Texas women” May 19-20.

There is no shortage of laughter, fun, and lighthearted girl power in this episode  Enjoy!


Part I - Jasmin shares the story of My Forward Life, as an alternative to the typical women's networking events, now in its 5th year. She and Joy promote the Clarity Event in May and offer a sneak preview of the agenda

Part II - Jenny discusses how essential oils can enhance mood, health, vitality and what to expect in her session at the Clarity event.

Part III - Jasmin shares more about the amazing work she is doing to impact the city of Dallas and offers lessons learned in entrepreneurship and friendship.

To Register for Clarity, Learn about our Guests and the Hosts:

Register for the event here: and visit to learn more about how Jasmin Brand is bringing smart, fun, professional Texas women together. 

To check out Jenny Bair and her work with Essential Oils: and visit to learn more.

Connect with Joy at and Natalie at



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