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CVoice_E16_Saying YES, AND with Improv Consultants Kayce Kuntz and Alex Null

April 23, 2017

In Episode 16 of The Collective Voice Podcast, Joy interviews Kayce Kuntz and Alex Null, talented owners and founders of “Improv to Improve,” a women-owned Improv and Teambuilding company.  Kuntz and Null offer teambuilding workshops for individuals and groups of all sizes to build leadership, communication, and listening skills, allowing participants to gain confidence while enhancing their ability to be more effective communicators and public speakers.

We cover:

  • What Improvisation (Improv) is and how it can positively impact individuals and groups
  • How Improv to Improve works with and customizes workshops for its clients
  • An actual Improv Demo, putting Joy on the hotseat
  • Advice for building a "side hustle" like this one while maintaining a day job
  • An upcoming workshop for individuals hosted by Improv to Improve on Saturday, April 29. 

To learn more about Improv to Improve, visit: or on Facebook at

Connect with Joy at and Natalie at


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