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CVoice_E17_Pausing to Celebrate our Milestones

June 3, 2017

In episode #17 of The Collective Voice Podcast, Joy and Natalie push pause on podcast interviews to talk about three things:

  • Their wishes - specifically for women - in 2017: Joy highlights the importance of setting boundaries, knowing what you value, recognizing that these needs evolve and focusing on self-care. Natalie discusses the importance of speaking up, stepping out and taking action.
  • Podcast milestones - We recently have been syndicated through Live Lead Play and are well over 1000 downloads. We’ve featured 12 entrepreneurs - mostly women from Dallas who are inspiring us and our audience to take risks, say yes, and embrace our differences.
  • Personal milestones - We talk about the continued growth of our side hustles. For Joy, this includes teaching executive education courses at SMU, consulting in the community, and collaborating on events such as My Forward Life Clarity Retreat. For Natalie, this includes celebrating the first birthday and 5000 visits to Small Town Leadership, joining the church choir, and wrapping up her Certified Professional Coach certification through iPEC.

References: Slowing Down: Unexpected Ways to Thrive as a Female Leader by Sherry Welsh

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